offers GPS data that you can download and use on a GPS device, smartphone, or tablet. This data can be used on your device regardless if you will have access to the internet during your Thailand cycling adventure.

What’s included in our GPS data?GPS on your smartphone

  • Tracks: Tracks are navigational paths that will display as a colored line on your device. When your device is turned on, an indicator will show your location in relation to that line. Our tracks are color-coded Green, Yellow, and Blue to differentiate between the main and alternate routes available to you.
  • Waypoints: Waypoints are locations along our routes where we have discovered tourist attractions, bike shops, cycling-friendly hotels/motels/bike-hostels, campgrounds, and restaurants. We are cyclists ourselves and we have only included those locations that we felt would be of particular use and interest to other traveling cyclists.

What are the routes like? Can any type of bike be ridden on these routes?

  • 98% of the routes are on sealed/paved roads. A Mountain Bike is not necessary on any of these routes. Road, hybrid, tandem, and touring type bicycles are completely capable of navigating all of these routes.

Is there only one route from point A to point B or will I have options along the way?Garmin gps with routes

  • Routes are color-coded to allow you to quickly and confidently choose the path that best suits you and your traveling needs:
    Green – Main route (avoids major traffic whenever possible, cycling-friendly and scenic roads the majority of the way).
    Yellow – Alternate route (additional route option that may add distance to the main route but allows you to enter cities or find alternate transportation options like ferry piers and train stations).
    Blue – Alternate route (a route that has been successfully ridden but may be subject to a change of condition due to construction, weather, or time of year).

What kind of device can I use these routes on? And, do I need Internet access while I’m cycling?

  • Use with any smartphone (with or without Internet) – These routes (file type .kmz) can be downloaded to any smartphone and used with open street maps to navigate without Internet (WiFi) access for the entirety of your trip.
  • Use with any GPS device – These routes can be uploaded to your preferred GPS software (GARMIN BaseCamp, etc.,) and conveniently used with any Garmin (or compatible) device (file types .gpx and .gdb). All routes contain 500 points or less, so they can be used with all new model GPS devices as well as many of the older models.

GPS data is available for the following regions of Thailand:

Disclaimer: strives to keep its digital data up to date. However, features are continually changing, so the data may not reflect the most current condition. You are solely responsible for safe navigation and the prudent use of this data. With that being said, we are constantly updating our GPS data and will be periodically sending *FREE revisions to all those who have purchased any Thailand GPS Cycling Routes product.

When you order you will receive the Thailand GPS Cycling Routes file along with detailed instructions on how to successfully upload and use the data on your GPS device, smartphone, or tablet. *Get unlimited access to revisions and updates for a period of three years.

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