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i am planning to make a bike tour through thailand and laos next year. instead of takenig my own bike with me on the plane, i am contemplating to buy one and (possibly) resell it at the end of the trip. can you give me any idea of prices of a reasonable hybrid touring bike? similar to western prices or much cheaper? and where to buy them? thanks!

met vriendelijke groeten/best regards,
sijb bartlema

Our response to Sijb

Sijb Bartlema,

Your idea of buying a bicycle locally and reselling it after you have completed your tour is advisable IF your trip will be over a long period.

Prices in Thailand will be less expensive than countries like Cambodia and Vietnam. Also, the amount of options and brands is FAR more extensive in Thailand than in neighboring countries.

But, the price of a bicycle in Thailand is slightly more expensive in Thailand than what you might pay in your home country, mostly due to the import tax.

Your BEST option is to purchase a bicycle in Bangkok, Thailand due to the large selection of choices. When you decide to sell we suggest that you use craigslist and Facebook. You can also list your bicycle in our sales area here –

When you sell your bicycle you should expect to lose a bit of your initial price, especially if the bike has been used more than 1 month.

A decent (mid-level large brand) hybrid touring bicycle in Thailand will sell for between 20,000 and 40,000 Thai Baht depending on your requirements.

You can view our comprehensive list of bike shops in Bangkok at the following link –

You may also be interested in the GPS data map information that we have made available for Northern and Southern Thailand. These GPS files could make your cycling trip that much more enjoyable and care free.

Tim Shady
Bicycle Thailand
Thailand’s Largest English Language Bicycle Resource

Dear webmaster

I would like to know how I go about placing my cycle blog site on your site I have been in Thailand for over seven years and have cycled and travelled far and wide documenting my experiences.

I would appreciate if you could inform me on how to do this. My blog site is and at present I am posting a blog a week on it, some quite detailed.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
David Seale

Our response to David


Thank you for submitting your Cycle in Thailand blog, and for sharing your collection of helpful information with other cyclists.

Cycle in Thailand blog link has been included on our list of THAILAND CYCLING BLOGS, which is featured in the lower left-hand corner on every page of the website.

Cycle in Thailand blog link/information has also been shared at:

Paul Hamon
Bicycle Thailand
Thailand’s Largest English Language Bicycle Resource


i will be landing on Suv. Airport and stay near victory monument any chance of riding this with my bike . somewhere around 19.00 hour.
anyone routes or tips?
yours Rene.

Our response to Rene


Thank you for your inquiry.

I would not suggest riding at night from the airport to Victory Monument.
The most direct route has heavy traffic, but is rideable in daylight hours.
Riding this same route at night is not advised.

Out of the airport and
Left onto Lat Krabang Road
Right onto Phatthanakan Road
Continue straight onto Phetchaburi Road
Right onto Phayathai Road

Arrive to Victory Monument approximately 27-30kms.

Just a suggestion, if you contact this bike hostel they offer airport pickup and drop off service –

They are in a great location in East Bangkok that allows cyclists to ride out towards Cambodia or Laos.

If your cycling trip takes you to either Northern or Southern Thailand I would direct you towards the GPS data maps on our website – they can be used on GPS or Smartphones.

Northern Thailand –

Southern Thailand –

Tim Shady
Bicycle Thailand
Thailand’s Largest English Language Bicycle Resource

Hi, great site.

I am arriving from China at Don MEang witha bike in a bag and have 2 questions:

1) Can I take it on the city bus to HUa Lamphong with me? Is there storage?

2) Is it a feasible cycle ride, I have from about 2am till 6am to make it, no other luggage , me and the bike?


Our response to Rene


IF you intend to take a Northbound train from Hua Lamphong to Chiang Mai, or Northeast bound train from Hua Lamphong to Nong Khai, you can catch the train at Don Muang Railway Station, located near Don Muang Airport.

Taking a bicycle on to a city bus is not allowed, even if it is bagged or boxed. A metered taxi will take you and your bike to Hua Lamphong Railway Station the quickest and least expensive way. Metered taxis are available from a queue counter at the airport exit.

IF you want to ride your bicycle to Hua Lamphong Railway Station, then I would suggest the following:

When you exit the airport you will be facing the main road in front of the Don Muang Airport. This road is known as Don Muang Expressway/Tollway. At 2am it will have some traffic on it but will be significantly quieter than any other time of the day or night. Make sure you have a good pair of lights on your bike (front and back).

1. Exit the airport and make your way southeast along the Don Muang main road
2. Turn left on to Chaeng Watthana Road (#304) – GPS N 13.884073, E 100.582038
3. Make your way southwest along Chaeng Watthana Road
4. Turn right on to Phahonyothin Road (#1) – GPS N 13.874636, E 100.596179
5. Make your way south along Phahonyothin Road – Phahonyothin Road will take you all of the way to Victory Monument Circle, where the road continues south as Phayathai Road – GPS N 13.763841, E 100.537712
6. Make your way south along Phayathai Road
7. Turn right on to Rama I Road – GPS N 13.746304, E 100.530479
8. Make your way west along Rama I Road until you reach rail line tracks (do not cross over rail line tracks)
9. Turn left on to Rong Mueang Road – GPS N 13.748430, E 100.518163
10. Arrive to Hua Lamphong Railway Station – GPS N 13.739009, E 100.516682

The entire ride may be between 29 and 35 kilometers. A feasible 2-3 hour ride (depending on you) that is best done between 2am and 6am on a weekday. It is city road riding so you should have a good light set that enables you to see the road ahead of you (for holes and sewer grates, etc.,) and you should be comfortable riding in traffic and navigating large intersections.

Tim Shady
Bicycle Thailand
Thailand’s Largest English Language Bicycle Resource