Police General Atsawin Khwanmuang, Bangkok’s governor started the opening ceremony of “Tour of Thailand 2017 or The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s cup men’s tour of Thailand 2017” on the 1st April 2017. He led the cyclists to celebrate Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s 62th birthday which was held on the 2nd April. There are 20 male teams and 15 female teams from all around the world attending this competition.

Tour of Thailand 2017 takes place on the 1st-10th April 2017. The competition is separated between male teams and female teams. The male team competition takes place on the 1st-6th April and the female team competition takes place on the 8th-10th April.

The first stage of this competition for male teams started on the 1st April 2017. The cyclists registered at the ministry of education at 7:00 am. Police General Atsawin Khwanmuang, Bangkok’s governor, was president for the opening ceremony of this competition at 7:25 am.

There are 2 male teams from Thailand which are Thailand continental cycling team and Thailand national team. The cyclists of Thailand continental cycling team consist of Mr. Turakit Boonrattanathanakorn, Mr. Puchong Saiudomsin, Mr. Thanawut Sanikawatee, Mr. Sarawut Sirironnachai, Mr. Nawuti Liphongyu and Mr. Lo See Kong. The cyclists of Thailand national team consist of Mr.Settawut Yodsuwan, Mr. Yuttana Mano, Mr. Rapeephon Chowchengkwong, Mr. Peeraphong Radngen, Mr. Pathomphop Ponardtan, Mr. Adulwit Phosengda.

There are 3 female teams from Thailand which are Fisherman’s Friend team, Thailand national team and Thailand women cycling team. The cyclists of Fisherman’s Friend consist of Ms. Supawadee Srimanta, Ms. Apinya Saisamorn, Ms. Sathinee Chanthima, and Ms. Chanaporn Sripanya. The cyclists of Thailnd national team consist of Ms. Siriluck Warapheng, Ms. Chaniporn Batiya, Ms. Apinya Thengkaew, Ms. Piyathida Titchan, and Ms. Kanyarat Ketthonglang. The cyclists of Thailand women cycling team consist of Ms. Chanpeng Nonthasin, Ms. Wilaiwan Kunlapa, Ms. Suphaksorn Nantana, Ms. Phetdarin Somrach, and Ms. Suthima Sopa.

General Decha Hemkrasri, president of Thai cycling association said that this competition is established by co-operation between sports authority of Thailand and tourism authority of Thailand. They managed the routes to pass through 4,000 projects initiated by His Majesty King Rama 9 from the central region to the northern region of Thailand. There will be presentations along the way, showing the lives of local people in each area, cultures, and history of this competition to all cyclists. The routes for female team competition will be held in the Chiang Mai province and the routes for the male team competition are combined into 6 stages as followed:

Stage 1: Bangkok to Chainat province takes place on the 1st April.
Stage 2: Chainat province to Pitsanulok province takes place on the 2nd April.
Stage 3: Pitsanulok province to Uttaradit province takes place on the 3rd April.
Stage 4: Uttaradit province to Sukhothai province takes place on the 4th April.
Stage 5: Sukhothai province to Lampang province takes place on the 5th April.
Stage 6: Lampang province to Chiang Mai province takes place on the 6th April.

On the 10th April, all cyclists will be heading to the finish point at Chiang Mai royal development study center together.

Original article posted on March 28, 2017 at Daily News Online