There are many great cycling events happening throughout Thailand. Many of them are organized by individuals and groups who have only recently turned to the new online registration service offered on a website known as Thai MTB. is arguably the largest, and longest running, cycling website in Thailand. In addition to a massive sales forum and listings for cycling clubs and races in Thailand, the website now offers its users the ability to register and pay fees for a growing number of races. This new registration process, and the entirety of the website, is only available in Thai language.

To help our readers, and to give further clarification to some of the information on our comprehensive list of Thailand cycling races and events, we have put together an English language guide to help with accessing and using the online registration service.

On our events page you may have noticed races like the one below, highlighting a mountain bike and road bike competition in Lopburi on November 6, 2016. In the registration process details you will notice the links redirecting you towards the website and later, more specifically, the Lopburi College Bicycle competition For Charity event itself.

November 6 – Sunday: Lopburi

Lopburi College Bicycle competition For Charity. THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL JANUARY 22, 2017. Event Type: Mountain bike and road bike competition. Distances: 60 km and VIP 35 km. Location: Lopburi College of agriculture and technology, Pattananikom district, Lopburi province. Registration: Register in person at Lopburi College of agriculture and technology OR Register online at (Register to be a member on this website or use your facebook account to log in), STEP 1 – Log in and register for this competition (, Step 2 – Pay for registration fee by bank transfer. Fee: 320 baht and VIP 1,020 baht. Categories: Men and Women categories by age. Contact: 081-679-9031, 081-981-9714, 081-721-3892.

Clicking on the first link will bring you to a page that appears like this


Clicking on the second link will bring you to the specific event page, which for this event looks like this


If you want to see a complete list of events that can be registered for then you should go to the first link. If you want to register for a specific event then simply click on the second link. The specific event  page will have additional information like number of participants allowed (or how many have already signed up) as well as cycling distances, categories, and fees/payment details.

On the top right corner of the registration service webpage you will see five (5) buttons: from left to right they are REGISTRATION (Dark blue color), LIST OF PARTICPANTS (Light blue color), CHECK PAYMENT (Light green color), FaceBook Log In (FaceBook Logo with blue color), and LOGIN (Dark green color). You will have to use your FaceBook Log in details to access the website unless, of course, you have already signed up and received an account on the website (requires Thai ID card – and new accounts are not easily obtained).


Once you have Logged In to the website (by clicking on the FaceBook Log In button and filling in your details) the next screen you will see is the application page. If you are not directed to the application page then you will need to click the REGISTRATION (Dark blue color) button. Once you have reached the application page you will only be required to fill in the fields that have an asterisk.


The application page consists of two (2) columns of empty fields. These are the fields in order on the application page:
1st column
Title (Mr  – นาย) (Mrs – นาง)
First name
Last name
Gender (Male – ชาย) (Female – หญิง)
Birthday (DAY / MONTH / YEAR). Remember that Thailand uses Buddhist calendar so you must add 543 to the year you were born to find the equivalent Buddhist year.
ID Card number (Thai) or Passport number (foreigners)
Telephone number
Email address (no asterisk – so NOT required)
Message (no asterisk – so NOT required)
Province (choose the province you live in or choose NOT LIST)

2nd column
Country of residence
Team name (no asterisk – so NOT required)
Name of emergency contact person (no asterisk – so NOT required)
Contact information for person listed above (no asterisk – so NOT required)
Shirt size (choose your size from drop down menu)
Category (click the bubble next to the category you wish to race – you will be restricted to choose a category based on your gender and age)

When you have completed filling in all of the asterisked fields on the application page you will then click the green button on the bottom of the page. The small checkmark (next to the red words) above the green button is for saving your information to use on future applications. Make sure this small box has the checkmark in it if you want your information saved. If you do not need your information saved then you can uncheck this box.


Once you click the green button on the bottom of the page you will be directed to the payment details page. Several different payment methods are accepted, and they sometimes differ according to the event. One of the most common payment methods is by Thai bank transfer. The name of bank, account number, and the name of the account holder is usually listed on the payment details page with an email, phone number or Line ID point of contact where an image of the bank transfer confirmation slip should be sent. Sometimes, the category or event fees along with payment details are listed on the specific event page.

When you try to access any page of the online registration service before you have successfully Logged In you will see a page like this


When you have completed your registration and want to Log Out you must click on the drop down menu at the top right hand corner of the webpage – select the last item on the list ออกจากระบบ in order to Log Out


We hope this information proves helpful to our readers. Feedback and comments welcomed at or simply leave a FaceBook comment below.