Prachuap Khiri Khan to Ban Krut – Bicycle Touring Route

Route: Southern route that takes you from the coastal provincial city of Prachuap Khiri Khan to the charming little beach side town of Ban Krut.

Download GPS file here (Zipfile contains .gdb and .gpx file formats)

Length: 71km

Configuration: Point to point.

Start point: Waterfront walk one block away from Prachuap Khiri Khan’s fresh market and main intersection. How do I know it’s the MAIN intersection in the city? Because it has a Thai Bank, a 7-11, a Top Charoen Optical shop, and a minivan stop. Many small guesthouses and a few mid-size hotels can be found along the city’s waterfront walk.

End point: The end point of this route brings you directly to the beach near the main Y intersection of Ban Krut. Once again, how do I know it’s the main Y intersection in Ban Krut? Because it has a Thai Bank, a 7-11, and oops, NO Top Charoen Optical shop! Well, I did say that Ban Krut is a SMALL beach side town. Maybe in the next few years they’ll be big enough to have their own Top Charoen Optical shop. One year ago they didn’t have a 7-11, so progress (or regress depending on your view) is occurring.

Notes: On this route you will cycle through a Royal Thai Air Force base (Wing 5) located just South of Prcahuap Khiri Khan, along small coastal roads, and along some parts of the main highway (Phetkasem Highway 4). Not a lot of convenience stores on the coastal roads but there are plenty of mom and pop shops with cool drinks and snacks in the little towns that dot the coast. It’s a relatively short riding day and you could realistically fuel up before your departure, have snacks along the way, and then plan on having lunch upon arrival in Ban Krut. For the best pizza, pasta, and more check out Kasama’s in Ban Krut. Some of the best scenery of this route is inside the Thai Air Force base along the beach (an area called Ao Manao) while some of the best riding (smooth roads with little undulating hills) is the last 15-20km before arriving in Ban Krut. Roads – 95% paved, 5% firm dirt.

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