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Improvements have been made to the cycling paths in the Phra Pradaeng district of Samut Prakan province. Recently posted photos on social media show how the local government of subdistrict Bang Krasop (อบต.บางกระสอบ พระประแดง สมุทรปราการ) has resurfaced some of the area’s crumbling cement pathways, which are used by bicycles and motorbikes to traverse the canals and waterways of Phra Pradaeng. Also, the municipality has installed safety railings along the cement pathways and painted bike lanes on the small roads that run through the area.

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Phra Pradaeng (พระประแดง) district is commonly referred to as the ‘lung of Bangkok’ because of its distinctive contrast to the capital city with regards to vegetation, canals, and overall quaintness. Aerial photographs of Phra Pradaeng make it appear to be a lush island on Bangkok’s southeastern border. Many Bangkok-based cyclists find Phra Pradaeng district to be a a great destination for a quick getaway ride. Phra Pradaeng is frequently listed as a top bicycle ride destination in Bangkok (although it is actually in the neighboring province of Samut Prakan) and is home to temples, parks, a military fort, small varieties of wildlife, and a floating market. One of the more scenic parks that is great for cycling is located in the subdistrict of Bang Kachao (บางกะเจ้า) and is known as the Princess of Thailand cycling park.

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Review this 17.4km bicycle touring route of Phra Pradaeng to find out more about what the area has to offer. Phra Pradaeng is home to an interesting eco-friendly hotel that is sure to catch your eye when you cycle past.