This article will assist new cyclists with identifying the major parts of a bicycle. In addition it will make familiar the seemingly difficult labeling system associated with the different tube sections of a bicycle frame. This article has been created to help new cyclists more clearly communicate a problem to their local bike shop and/or to better understand what is being told to them by their bicycle mechanic.

The Bicycle Frame and Tube Section Nomenclature


Complete Bicycle and Parts Nomenclature


Bicycle plus Wheelbase and Frame Size


Mountain Bike Nomenclature


Bicycle Nomenclature in Thai/Englsih

Thai and English bicycle parts names

Thai and English bicycle part names on Road bike

NOTE: Some manufacturers measure frame size from the center of the crankset up to the top of the seat tube. This measurement is known as Center-To-Top (C-T). Other manufacturers measure frame size from the center of the crankset up to the point where the seat tube, seat stays, and top tube all meet. This measurement is known as Center-To-Center (C-C). Check with the manufacturer’s specification of this measurement before assuming that similarly labeled bicycles from two different manufacturers are identical in size.

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