Plans to cancel bike lanes in Bangkok and enforce laws image 1

The Bangkok executive office has had a meeting with regards to solving bike lane problems in Bangkok and has discussed removing some bike lanes in areas which are not being used.

Police Major General Panurat Meepearn, Bangkok governor’s consultant disclosed that he has suggested the Bangkok executive office to consider the cancellation of bike lanes in some area’s which have not been used after the district office sought measures to reduce its maintenance budget. Bike lanes in consideration of cancellation are Puttamonton Road, Barommaratchachonnanee Road, Phetkasem Road, and other small lanes leading off of those main roads.

The types of bike lanes that are under investigation in Bangkok are:
1. Restricted bike lanes (those protected from vehicle traffic by bollards or barricades)
2. Shared bike lanes on footpaths used by both pedestrians and bikes (painted or signed)
3. Restricted bike lanes and shared footpath (painted and/or signed with bollards)
4. Bike lanes atop sidewalks alongside the road (painted and/or signed)
5. Exclusive bike lanes (designated for bikes only)
6. Bike lanes in parks (bike lanes inside closed park areas)

Police Major General Panurat Meepearn also wants to solve the problem of misusing bike lanes, especially motorbike drivers using the bike lanes and footpaths. Other areas of misuse include stall sellers blocking bike lanes. There have been many complaints from cyclists of stall sellers blocking bike lanes on Ratchada-Ladphao Road, and Kampheang Phet Roads 2, 3 and 4.

Bangkok Police have been ordered to be strict with bike lane laws and to report the results continuously. Every district office must enforce legal punishments for people who break the bike lane laws, many of which carry a maximum fine of 2,000 baht.

Original article posted on May 21, 2016 at ภาพประกอบข่าว