This month’s featured bike shop, Ek Phong 2, is located in the Southern Thailand city of Chumphon, in the province of Chumphon. If you’re a touring cyclist heading south towards the many beach and island destinations of Thailand, or perhaps even the Malaysian border, you WILL pass through Chumphon. Knowing the location and services of a bike shop like Ek Phong 2 can make your cycling trip through this area of Thailand that much easier to plan. If your bike is in need of repairs, a small layover in the city of Chumphon, or its nearby beaches, may be just what you and your bike needs after many miles of cycling.

Located in the city of Chumphon on a small side street not far from the city’s railway station, the Ek Phong 2 bicycle shop is THE bike shop for the cycling clubs and enthusiasts in the surrounding area. Trek brand bicycles and accessories make up the bulk of the shop’s inventory. Chinese made children’s bikes are available as well.

Ek Phong 2
188/125 Soi Sala Daeng 6 Road
T. Tha Taphao A. Mueang Chumphon
ภาษาไทย [+]
Tel. 077-502-040, 081-078-2843
GPS – N 10 29.994, E 99 10.653

Some cycling clothes are available at the shop although the selection is limited. The service center is knowledgeable and competent to handle most repairs to all types of bicycles. Some English is understood but not spoken. The owner of the shop performs most mechanical services while you wait unless it is a particularly in-depth repair or parts are not available. The shop hosts weekly morning rides, usually on the day they are closed. Stop in and inquire if you’re interested in joining them. Add this shop to your list if you plan on visiting this area of Thailand on your bike. Happy Riding!