Coffee shops and cycling are always a wonderful combination. In Bangkok, Cafe Velo Dome (คาเฟ่เวโลโดม) takes this combination far beyond just being a place that doles out caffeine and sweet treats to its patrons. At Cafe Velo Dome the owners, employees, and baristas are all avid cyclists, passionate about sharing the experience of riding a bicycle with all visitors to the shop. Aside from providing bicycle parking, free use of an air pump to fill tires, and an always eager set of helpful hands to sort out simple bike problems, the staff at Cafe Velo Dome are always happy to share biking tips, chat about bikes, and give out local knowledge of the area’s best bicycle routes.

Cafe Velo Dome, which has already become a popular hangout for coffee and bike lovers in Bangkok, is located in front of Thammasat University facing Sanam Luang park, on the corner of Pra Chan and Na Phra That roads. The shop boasts ample parking spaces (for bicycles ONLY), an assortment of hot and cold beverages, and of course coffee.

Co-owner of Cafe Velo Dome Nonlany Ung-wiwatkul offers free tours around Bangkok to all levels of cyclists.

But, be warned. When visiting Cafe Velo Dome you will be bombarded by talk of bicycles, from the staff and patrons alike. If you are already a cyclist you will enjoy the friendly bicycle banter, but if you’re not you just might get bitten by the biking bug the next time you’re there, enjoying your favorite cup of java.

“The idea is that non-cyclists overhearing conversations in the cafe may at some point be tempted to join the biking fraternity,” says Nonlany Ung-wiwatkul, co-owner of Cafe Velo Dome and a committed Bangkok bicycle advocate.

The cafe maintains plenty of information about Bangkok’s bicycle rentals, tours, and city route information to help daily commuters as well as recreational riders.

Cafe Velo Dome prides itself on being MORE than just another bicycle-themed coffee shop. The Cafe Velo Dome owners and Thammasat University project managers are true bicycle advocates, viewing their role at the shop as spokespeople for the cause of being responsible for the environment and to society by bringing cycling awareness to Bangkok city.

“We don’t need another chic cafe in town. What we need is people to change the attitude that the bicycle is a vehicle for the poor who can’t afford a car,” said Prinya Thewanarumitkul, Thammasat University’s vice-rector, and one of the people behind the Cafe Velo Dome project.

So whether you’re a bicycle fanatic, cycling novice, or you simply enjoy a delicious cup of coffee stop in and say hello to the good people at Cafe Velo Dome. You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised.

Cafe Velodome (คาเฟ่เวโลโดม)
Thammasat University (Tha Prachan Campus)
2 Pra Chan Road
Bangkok 10200
ภาษาไทย [+]
Tel. 026-236-349
GPS – N 13.755890, E 100.491962
Open daily 8am – 8pm