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How to Box a Bicycle

It’s great to see more people travelling with their bikes around Thailand and Thai airlines are becoming bike friendly. What’s not great is the way people are packing their bikes and the experiences people have had with the airlines when it comes to bringing their bikes on-board. I had a bad experience with an airline […]

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If it was a horse I’d shoot it!

It’s great to see so many people riding around on bikes in Thailand. But like cars and motorbikes, Bicycles need maintained and parts do need replaced. Paul was my manager when I began work at a pro bike shop in Belfast.  Bikes were afraid of Paul, especially the old ones. If a bike was at […]

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Emergency Bicycle Repairs Miles from Civilization

I must be the unluckiest rider when it comes to punctures and repairs while on a trail. I’ve been stuck in the middle of nowhere with no tubes or spare wheels, but I always ride home. Trained as a ‘Cytech Bicycle Mechanic’, I’ve got out of some sticky situations using creative ideas. Below are some […]

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