85km Khao Yai – Saraburi Road Ride

Route: 85km Khao Yai – Saraburi Road Ride

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Length: 85km

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This is a fabulous ride through rolling hills with great scenery. I did this on a road bike at an event organized by Specialized, although there were plenty of mountain bikes too. If you’re using a mountain bike, I’d suggest road tyres, the hills are enough of a challenge without the extra friction of offroad tyres. We went clockwise from the starting point and stopped at a good restaurant for lunch after about 65 km – it’s marked on the map. Thanks to Specialized for organizing this great day out (and allowing non-Specialized bikes to participate), and special thanks to K Thana, K Eak and K Kake for inviting me along.

Start/End point: The start/end point is a restaurant that has public showers so you can bring a towel and a change of clothes and get cleaned up before a post ride beer or two.

Here is a Google Earth image of the route –


Here are a couple of pics from this ride (not very good ones, I took them at the end of the day and the light was fading – the scenery was a lot better than this) –