WeehooHash1The first sample of the Weehoo kids bicycle trailer arrived in Thailand and we are very impressed. I was in the bicycle business for almost 30 years and rarely did I see any bicycle related product that was as well made and well thought out as the Weehoo bicycle trailer. Nothing was missed, this is a product we will be very proud to own and to sell in Thailand.

Unpacking the parts from the box we noticed everything is carefully packed and protected from scuffs and scratches. Assembly is straightforward and simple. Anyone that knows which end of the screwdriver to hold could easily put a Weehoo together in about 20 minutes. The Owner’s Manual/Assembly instruction booklet is detailed and easy to follow. Fit and finish is impressive, nothing needed force to fit and every part was there.

Attaching the trailer to the bike is fast, remove the seatpost from the bike and choose the proper size bushing for your seatpost size. Each bushing is conveniently marked with a size. Slide the bushing together with the hitch and you are done with the bike part. Next take the tow bar, remove the quick release bolt and fit the yoke end over the hitch already installed on the bike. Insert the QR bolt through the tow bar end and hitch, tighten it and you are ready to ride. Once the hitch is on the bike, it is fast and easy to put the trailer on and off the bike.

The trailer can be disassembled so you can easily transport it in a car or van. The tow bar comes off and if you need to make it even smaller the seat can be removed. All disassembly and reassembly is done without tools.

Getting the kid in the trailer is simple, straddle the tow bar facing the seat. This holds the bike and trailer in place and upright. You can then easily put your passenger in the seat, buckle him in with the seat harness and pedals then you can turn and mount the bike, ready to ride.WeehooHash2

Riding with the trailer loaded was really much easier than anticipated. Our first rides, we rode around the neighborhood on flat and quiet sois to get used to the handling and having something back there. It was easy to U-turn in a narrow soi. 90 degree turns were also easy, the trailer follows the bike quite nicely. Stopping was not a problem but do make sure your brakes are in good order. You must remember that your vehicle is now almost twice as long as a single bike so it does take a bit more caution and room to maneuver. Parking the bike/trailer combination when you are not riding can be a bit of a problem, a normal kickstand will not hold both – but simply leaning the bike seat against a post or a tree worked quite well.

Last weekend we took it to the Bangkok Bike Hash and went for a little off road riding. Tiger, my son and riding companion never complained about the bumps even though I took him over some quite rough roads. The ride leaders told us we’d have to walk one section because it was too rough but we just went slow and made up and down some very rocky trails with no problem at all.

Handling the bike with the trailer and my 2-1/2 year old, 15kg passenger is obviously not the same as riding just the bike but it is surprisingly easy to get used to and was not at all difficult. Climbing hills – you know you are hauling some extra and caution is needed on the downhills. The best thing is that I can now take my son riding with me and I know he is safely in his seat, he can’t get out. At one point on Saturday’s ride on the road, he actually fell asleep. He weighs 15kg now and the trailer is rated up to 30kg so, we have quite a few years of fun riding together with our Wehoo. We both loved it and we can’t wait to go for another ride!

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