Many cyclists traveling from Cambodia to Thailand (or vice versa) at the Poipet (city on the Cambodian side of border) Aranyaprathet (city on the Thai side of border) border crossing may be interested to know about a little haven in the Sa Kaew province of Thailand called Ban Klong Sai. While Ban Klong Sai is a very quiet little village, the nearby Pang Sida National Park draws many visitors due to its annual butterfly festival and beautiful waterfalls.

Cyclist who are making their way to or from the Thailand/Cambodia land border crossing from Thailand on Highway #33 (also known as Suwannason Road the closer you get to the border crossing area) or along Road #5 or AH1 (Asian Highway 1) from the Cambodian side who have a bit of extra time may find a visit to Ban Klong Sai and the nearby Pang Sida National Park a truly enjoyable diversion.

Areeya Resort sign

Areeya Resort has some nearby attractions worth visiting:

  • Pang Sida National Park (10 km distance from Areeya Resort)
  • Takrabak Reservoir and Picnic Area (2 km)
  • Chong Klam Bon, Wildlife breeding Station (1 km)
  • PhraProng Reservoir and Picnic Area (20 km)
  • Phra Sri Ariya Sitandon Buddhist Park (20 km)
  • Lalu, Sandstone and rock formations (45 km)
  • Prasat Sadok Kok Thom, ancient Khmer temples (60 km)
  • Rong Klue border market, the biggest in Thailand (65 km)
  • Tham Petch Phothong caves (70 km)

Areeya Resort bungalow

Food options for guests at Areeya Resort:

  • There is a food market in the village of Ban Klong Sai (1 km distance from Areeya Resort), open in the morning and evening
  • 3 restaurants in the village with Isaan (Northeastern Thailand) style food
  • Areeya Resort can also arrange for food to be delivered to your room

Areeya Resort bathroom

Bicycle safety and repair:

  • Bicycles can be parked at the resort in an area sheltered from the rain. There are staff at the resort 24 hours so security of your bicycle is assured.
  • There is a bicycle repair shop in the village of Ban Klong Sai (1 km distance from Areeya Resort)

Pang Sida Butterfly Festival

Room types at Areeya Resort:

  • 5 freestanding bungalows (accommodating 2/3/4/5 people) all with air-con and free wifi
  • 4 hotel-style rooms accommodating between 2 and 5 people, some have aircon, some have fan
  • Areeya Resort also offers home stay accommodation (simple) in our main house for up to 7/8 people

Pang Sida National Park

Annual events in the area: Pang Sida butterfly festival (May/June/July). Come view more than 300 species of butterfly in the picturesque Pang Sida National Park. In addition to butterfly exhibits and butterfly watching the park has hiking trails, camping areas and waterfalls.

Owners/Proprietors: Ernst and Areeya
Areeya Resort
401 Moo 8 Ban Klong Sai (Google map)
T. Nong Takhian Bon, A. Watthana Nakhon
Sa Kaew 27160
ภาษาไทย [+]
Telephone: 062-330-5117, 082-207-5527
GPS – N 13.9415783, E 102.2571271

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