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Nakhon Phanom province has prepared a budget of 200 million baht to build a 60 km bike lane along the Mae Khong River to boost tourism.

On the 3rd of August 2016, it was reported that tourism in Nakhon Phanom province is starting to get busy, after the province was selected to be the city of happiness from the national statistical office in 2015. Nakhon Phanom province is also a special economic city zone in Thailand, known as the door to ASEAN. Nakhon Phanom province is on the border of Laos and sits beside the Mae Khong River with many beautiful surroundings.

The 3rd Thai-Laos friendship bridge Nakhon Phanom-Kammoun and Phra That Phanom temple (a very famous temple in Nakhon Phanom province) make this area attractive for tourists, especially at Mueang Nakhon Phanom district area along the Mae Khong River. For a distance of 3 km, the tourists can do sightseeing with beautiful nature on both sides of Thailand and Laos.

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At the same time Nakhon Phanom province has planned to adjust landscape areas to encourage tourism along the Mae Khong River on Sunthonwichit road, Mueang Nakhon Phanom district. The local government has managed to build grandstands for local people and tourists to visit the festival of the illuminated boat procession or “Lai Reua Fai” at the end of Buddhist lent day, and also build a place for exercising and relaxing.

Mr. Somchai Witdamrong, Nakhon Phanom provincial governor said that Nakhon Phanom province is a city of happiness which has amazing scenery. It has a beautiful atmosphere along 2 sides of Mae Khong River, it is where 8 Buddha relics and the 3rd Thai-Laos friendship bridge Nakhon Phanom-Kammoun are located. He has now allocated a budget of 200 million baht from many government sectors to build a bike lane connecting the 3 most famous attractions in Nakhon Phanom province. Tourists can ride a bicycle and do sightseeing for a distance of 60 km. This bike lane will be one of the most interesting bike lanes in Thailand where it can attract more tourists to help to develop the economy, trade and tourism of Thailand.

Original article posted on August 3, 2016 at Matichon Online