DAY 8 – Cycling for Children’s Education – September 30, 2013

Current location: Ipoh
Distance covered: 163kms

2013-09-29 12.55.53

Greetings everyone…
It was raining when I started cycling at 6:00am Thai time… But due to the many hills in Ipoh my pace got slow even though I was going fast in the first five hours. I reached Ipoh at 4:30pm and thinking to go for more but decided against it as it is hard to fix tires at night time and also being exhausted as it is. Since I started at six in the morning I only stopped for toilet or to check the GPS. But even with the strong effort I put to cover as much as I can I was surprised that my tachometer showed only 163kms.

I will try to start at 5:00am tomorrow and see if I can reach KL.

If there are grammatical mistakes here it is my responsibility.

dada rama

This is an excerpt from the cycling diary of Ricardo Zoleta (dada rama), who is cycling from Kanchanaburi, Thailand to Singapore in an effort to raise funds to help children at Baan Dada with education fees. Ricardo’s annual cycling endeavor is known as ‘Cycling for Children’s Education’. Baan Dada is a children’s home and community economic development center located in Kanchanaburi province on the Thailand/Myanmar(Burma) border.