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How to Avoid Exercise Addiction and Heat Exhaustion

Although exercise has numerous health benefits for our bodies, it is possible to exercise too much. The endorphins released during exercise and the positive changes in the body, as well as mind, can become addictive. However, over-exercising, often caused by exercise addiction, can be detrimental for your health and even harmful, especially in hot countries, […]

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Tips for Comfortable Cycle Touring in Thailand

Tips for Comfortable Touring and Keeping Healthy While on the Road Embarking on a bicycle tour of Thailand can be an exciting and daunting prospect, and even though Thailand is well suited for cycle touring, there are quite a few ways you should prepare for your trip before you set off. Making sure you have […]

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Keeping Your Bike Roadworthy and Safe on a Trip

Keeping Your Bike Roadworthy and Safe on a Trip Cycling through Thailand is a safe activity, and with so many cyclists in the country you’ll be in good company. That said, things can always go wrong, no matter where in the world you are, so making sure you take a few precautions is never a […]

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